There exists no Barriers Within ASSMPI and There Are No Barriers Of Love In Spirit

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As an organization, we have always believed in the three rules or laws of the divinity of love, forgiveness and compassion. We have erected no barriers and exemplify what it means to be a spiritualist, and to believe in the continuation of our life in the afterlife. We exist to bring spirit to those who grieve and who are suffering from the transition of loved ones, whilst also researching the afterlife in as many ways as possible.

There are no barriers to love in the Afterlife and therefore we do not believe in barriers on this side of life. To that end, just like spirit, who welcomes souls with open arms – we try to exemplify that same principle. Divine love has no barriers. It matters not, whether you are from another religion, race or creed, whether you are NASC, Metaphysical Chapels, ISF, SNU, LILLYDALE or any other spiritualist organization, our doors and arms are open for all who wish to be a part of our organization, who wish to learn about the afterlife and who wish to embrace the principles of love, forgiveness and compassion. We do not ask that you remove yourself from any other organization and are happy to support all organizations who uphold the same values and standards. We should be working in harmony and together for a bigger purpose, not building walls of separation. Divine Love is for everyone, service is for everyone and learning is for everyone.  





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