Mediumship Standards

There is a need for standards in mediumship and whilst we do not sit as judge and jury, we are looking for a high standard of mediumship skills and of course professional ethics. We also encourage our members to continually develop and to strive to harness their knowledge and standards in all aspects of mediumship.

Anyone can effectively call themselves a medium and with so many courses and workshops spitting out mediumship like scones in a bakery, the standard and service has gone to an all time low. It's not just about a set of skills that show how accurate a message you can give, but a plethora of abilities, knowledge and even personal standards. Becoming an ASSMPI member does not immediately give you certification and one can take as long as they want to get to that level of certification. However, it does mean that you are a dedicated individual who has service to spirit at the foremost of your mind.