American Society For Standards In Mediumship and Psychical Investigation - Parapsychological Intervention Department

The ASSMPI-PID is a department that reacts to those seeking help from Parapsychological events or what may be understood as a paranormal problem caused by external means not of this world or suggested as being spiritbound, inhuman or of another external source not of this world. What must be understood is that the PID is not a paranormal investigation team, though we may use them from time to time, but is a division of the ASSMPI staffed by professional Investigators, Doctors, Hypnotherapists, Psychologists, and Professional Mediums.



A most important role within the division is the education of professional bodies and personnel in the understanding of spiritual intervention from a scientific and spiritual avenue. We develop and run educational training and assessments in spiritual practice and therapies to help bridge the gap between psychological imbalance and spiritual manifestation or obsessing nature whilst targetting spiritual solutions to psychilogical and spiritual imbalances.