Warren Caylor Seance 2012

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This report is written, not by a scientist, but a skeptical medium with a scientific mind. The medium is Jock Brocas, who is an American Society for Standards in Mediumship and Psychical Investigation (ASSMPI) member and researcher. The report is written with a scientific eye, and with no bias either way. Security protocols were established to validate the experiment as non-fraudulent and Jock was the only one to search the area under the eye of Christine DiNucci.  The area where the séance took place was then sealed and the key secured.  The seating positions were chosen by Christine Di Nucci and were marked and in place before anyone else arrived.  The medium had no knowledge of the security arrangements that were to take place.  The medium arrived alone and was not supported by any of his own circle members. These precautions ensured that no possible corroboration could take place.

Warren Caylor has experienced his fair share of skeptics, not only from those that are known for their pseudo-skepticism, but also from those within the ranks of the spiritualist communities themselves. This is all to change!  Warren and his spirit team have been working tirelessly to escape the shackles of old perceptions. Some individuals may find the security protocols that were put in place overly severe and unnecessary due to the fact that the venue is that of a home circle, where security protocols are not as strictly required as they are in public séances. It must be noted that a discussion of running these additional security protocols, in order to validate Warren Caylor as a respectable, genuine, and non-fraudulent physical medium were agreed a considerable time before the séance, between Christine Di Nucci (who is a staunch supporter of Warren) and Jock Brocas of the ASSMPI.

The agreement was not known to anyone else present at the séance.  Christine also requested that Jock handle a wooden box experiment with a skeptic known as Richard (designer of the experiment).  Christine is the founder of the Bristol Spirit Lodge Circle, which was in fact built as a direct result of her witnessing Warren’s mediumship.  She agreed to the testing to help erase the fraudulent claims and to support the work of Warren and his spirit team. As aforementioned, Warren did not have any support from his home circle and relied on Christine and Jon for support within the lodge.

This type of experiment is not taken lightly as one understands that to attempt to vindicate someone that has been dubbed as less than honest can be difficult. However, truth is truth and cannot be changed only manipulated, and one should not judge. It is important to understand that a medium places their life in the hands of the spirit. So much damage in the past has been caused to individuals suffering from ignorance and ill informed ego.

Therefore, the following report is based on the testimony of the sitters at a séance with Warren Caylor under strict scientific security protocols as experience would allow. The important thing to note is that one of the sitters was a medium and author representing the American Association for Standards in mediumship and psychical investigation and is not a scientist in the true sense of the word. The investigator was psychic medium and ASSMPI board member Jock Brocas. Jock had arranged to handle the security testing of the séance unbeknown to Warren Caylor or any other sitter. Jock was the only one to search and validate the séance room as suitable and clear of anything that could be remotely fraudulent.

As a reader, you will be able to witness the security precautions from the séance by legitimate images (taken by Christine and sitters) and signed evidence of the sitters including the ASSMPI medium. Warren Caylor had no support or previous information or any knowledge of the security protocols being put in place. This also came as a shock to the rest of the sitters.  Jock Brocas (ASSMPI) arrived at 1630 hours on Saturday 25th June 11. After a short break, Jock and Christine (Bristol Spirit Lodge Organizer) proceeded to search the building and internal area of the specially built garden shed, which had been designed as an séance room. The exterior of the building was physically searched and the interior was also physically searched.  Jock Brocas (ASSMPI) carried out the searches.  Chris witnessed his searches and took photographs as evidence as aforementioned. The building was then secured and the key remained with Christine until the beginning of the séance. You will note from the following photographs that each part of the room was searched to include, walls, furniture, electrical fittings and all other areas that were accessible. A full and thorough inspection was carried out. Nothing that would be considered as possibly fraudulent was found.

The room was then sealed; Jock and Christine waited the arrival of the sitters, which included Richard who was a skeptical enquirer and had designed an experiment that was overseen by Jock. This experiment involved the use of a small wooden box that had a sweet placed inside and was then sealed with cable ties and tape.  The tape was sealed by Richard and signatures were then  added, including those of  witnesses.

Warren Caylor arrived shortly before the séance start time and was faced with a rigorous security protocol, which shocked him, yet he was fully cooperative throughout. Every one of the sitters were shocked at the extent of the personal search, which included body, shoes, hair, joints, shoes and anything personal that Warren wore or had upon his person. Nothing extraneous was found upon his personage, and Warren was cleared to continue. Warren was then secured to the chair within the cabinet by Jock and restraints checked by other sitters. At one point Warren indicated that we lose focus of what the message is because of the security precautions that are taken and everyone in the room agreed with this statement. However, this unfortunately is a necessary evil that is promulgated to satisfy the whimsical complaints of those that are of a pseudo skeptical nature.

All sitters were seated in their respective positions and the séance began with Chris reading out the rules and Jon (a medium that sits regularly within the lodge) opening the séance with a prayer of protection. Each new sitter had been placed beside an experienced medium due to the blackout séance conditions. This was to ensure each inexperienced sitter would have someone to support them if they felt concerned or frightened.  This also ensured that Warren would not be harmed in any way by the action of an inexperienced person without forethought or understanding of consequence.

Music was played to raise the energies in the room and it was not long before the spirits came and made themselves known. For those of you that have never experienced a proper physical sitting, it can be quite disconcerting at first. The sounds that reverberate from the cabinet seem almost demonic and normally one would make their escape rather quickly were it not for the immense feeling of love within the room. These gurgling and choking sounds that can be heard are caused when the spirit starts to build the Ectoplasmic voice box and starts to test it. Several raps are heard as the spirit becomes used to the vibration in the room and works with Ectoplasmic rods that are created separately from the voice box.

It was not long before the first spirit communicator made himself known to the group. His name was Tommy and was known to several members within the group. It is thought that his origins are Russian. Tommy was welcomed and was rather jovial about the security precautions that had been employed on the medium. The interesting thing to note is that you can deduce from the statement that Tommy made – he is not all knowing as some would expect, and enquired as to the reasons behind the securing of the medium in that particular way. This of course is nothing negative as it shows that some separate consciousness exists and has its own inquisitive mind, which is rather a humanistic aspect that we identify with. Tommy identifies with normal humanistic traits in his speech and when asked what he has been doing within the world of spirit, he retorts that he has been helping people, healing people and generally running after people. At the beginning his jovial attitude can be quite clearly noted when he states that being dead is of course hard work. The discarnate entity known as Tommy then states that he has been in and around the mediums home – looking out for them. This is an extremely comforting statement that shows the depth of love that our spirit friends and helpers have for us. Even though, one could state that the entities tone sounds of a lower astral being, it is important to note that at no time did any medium present feel any negativity and the way the spirit speaks is with love and compassion. What generally has to be understood is that no vocal chords exist within the spirit body and therefore the spirit has to replicate the sound through vibration and the use of ectoplasm. This can sometimes give the spirit the throaty sound that we hear. Throughout the séance, one can also deduce that each spirit clearly has a different identity.

Tommy then intimates that Warren’s new-born son has the gift too but that it remains to be seen whether or not he will use it. This profound statement shows that it may be indeed a gift that is given to all, but that an element of free will can be the decisive factor if the one who is endowed with it, will use it. Now just because the ability remains in all, this means that it is stronger at various levels, and those who are called to service, are called for a reason and have a stronger ability than someone who does not have the ability or even recognizes it within. After all, just because you can sing – does not mean you can sing. The spirit is then guided by Christine who remarks that she has offered some experiments and the spirit then identifies each item and asks what certain items are for – suggesting the spirit can identify things in dark room conditions that we cannot. After a brief discussion of a jovial nature; Tommy agrees to attempt the experimentation. All who read this testimony should note; this is an experiment and that one should have an open mind as to the ability and capacity for spirit to interpenetrate matter within the physical realm. Tommy says that he will return later.

A few musical tracks are played to provide energy and vibration and soon a spirit person called Yellow Feather, who is assumed to be a Navaho Native American Indian, joins the circle. Yellow Feather greets everyone cordially and notices the experiments that lay around the room. He asserts that he will try something later with the experiments. An interesting point to note at this juncture, Yellow Feather asks if everyone is of a positive disposition, which seems to be a pre-requisite for good physical evidence. He also asserts that he will try something, which shows there is no forgone conclusion; it is an experiment on both sides of the veil. He then asks for the music to be played once more, and this is obviously to add to the energy within the room. The personalities between the two communicating spirits are of course different in every way – including the tone and intonation of the voice.  Shortly after a number of songs are played – Tommy returns with the same jovial attitude.  Several luminous objects such as mouth organ and trumpet fly across the room in front of all the sitters. The mouth organ is then placed just in front of Jock’s foot and several other items are strewn across the room.

Yellow Feather then joins the room once more and asks permission to walk around outside of the cabinet. All the sitters grant their permission. The respect that our spirit companion has for the members that are seated is obvious and is shown in the way that Yellow Feather asks for permission to walk around the circle. You can clearly hear the spirit friend walk around and energy is felt when he passes close to you. Yellow Feather then asks for music to be put on once more. Soon after, he returns once more and if in a jest towards Jock, explains the light fitting is not safe and has to be removed. You will see clearly from the evidential photos that Jock Brocas (ASSMPI) strips and searches the light fitting hours prior to anyone’s arrival. If you look closely at the images you will note that what may appear to be spirit orbs can be seen within the picture. Yellow Feather then removes the light fitting and passes it to Jerry (a prominent medium within the lodge). Jerry then explains what has gone on and what he has been given. The spirit then takes some of the cutlery on the floor and explains that he will give the items to Tommy to do something with them. You can clearly hear Yellow Feather flapping a garment up and down and exclaims that he is just hanging out the washing. Later in the report, you will be able to deduce what this was and how it was affected by spirit energy. His jovial attitude is very prominent throughout.

Perhaps the greatest piece of evidence that anyone can hope to witness is full materialization, yet it is understood that it can take many years of development and the conditions required are exceptionally rare. Yellow Feather states that he is going to attempt to materialize fully with full Navaho traditional dress including feathers on the head. This of course is an amazing prospect for any sitter and all are amazed at the spirits statement. He retorts “Oh, you should see all your faces!” again suggesting that although these are dark room conditions, he is able to perceive quite clearly, fine details that we cannot in the current atmosphere. His fun attitude continues to be entertaining and serious at the same time. Yellow Feather states that he will return in a few moments. Music is once again played to add to the already positive vibration. During the music, the sitters al join in and sing as much as they can. In an act of frivolity, Tommy returns and states, “whoever told you lot could sing was sadly mistaken.” Now although this seems like a bit of a joke, it does strike a chord with some important facts. Firstly, the choice of words and the intonation of the phrase is if someone whom has more likely kept their personality even after the death of the physical vehicle. It also shows that the emotions held there are very much the same as those from our material realm and that passing to the realm of sprit does not make anyone instantly wise and all knowing. This in itself is a very empowering thing to realize. Yellow Feather once again makes a brief appearance as if checking the ectoplasm and the available energy for materialization purposes. You can also hear Yellow Feather clearly try to sing.

During the music, Yellow Feather shows ectoplasm upon a luminous plaque about 6 inches in diameter.  This appears black. Everyone can clearly see the ectoplasm forming on the luminous plaque. Amazingly the ectoplasm forms what is assumed a human hand and Yellow Feather states that an opportunity will be presented to touch the hand that has been formed. Yellow Feather then turns and asks who has the light fitting in hand, and Jerry (a medium that sits regularly within the lodge) confirms it is he. Yellow Feather then asks Jerry to stand up and walk towards the cabinet and to gently touch the hand that is on the plaque. Jerry confirms this is indeed a hand and that it feels as normal as a human hand. He then states that he can feel another hand on top of his hand and exclaims there are two hands. Yellow Feather then asks Jerry to place his other hand on top of the spirit hand and brings in another hand, which is obviously another member of the sprit team. This is quite remarkable as it means that several spirits have interplayed with physical matter on this side of life and shows that a level of normality and feeling still exists. Yellow feather then states “Only two of us, so why five hands,” he laughs and asks Jerry to return to his chair. Yellow Feather then asks if everyone can see the hand and states that he is going to come out and show everyone the hand close up. He first walks towards Jon and asks him to reach out and touch the hand, which is very close to him and in view of everyone. He asks if everyone feels good, and Jon confirms that he can see the hand very clearly whilst gently caressing the hand.  What is truly remarkable is that Yellow Feather then proceeds to show something quite unique. He states that everyone can see 4 fingers and then immediately shows the thumb being produced on the plaque by what can only be considered as ectoplasm. The appendage is then as normal as anyone else in the room.

At this juncture, Jon is once again asked to place his hand on top of the spirits hand and the spirits other hand on top of his. Yellow Feather then asks if all hands are on top of each other, what is holding up the plaque when medium is still secured to the chair. Quite perplexing and one may assume that an Ectoplasmic rod could be the supporting structure to allow the spirit to prove the reality of the appendage.  Yellow Feather leaves and states he will return. Jon later confirmed that during this experiment he was able to see veins and hairs upon the hand.  He also confirmed that the hand appeared to be slightly smaller than his own. This was such an honor for Jon and Jerry and one can only assume how they must have felt during the experiment. Movement can be heard and seen with all the items on the floor but no one is wise to what is going on at the moment.

Tommy returns and asks for a modicum of control to be shown with the red light that is situated on the floor. Tommy asks for the light to be turned up a bit more and asks if the sitters can see anything in front of the cabinet. At this juncture, no one is able to perceive anything tangible. He then asks if everyone can see each other in the séance room, to which everyone concurs. What transpires next is remarkable when Tommy asks that no one can see him standing in front of the cabinet. Interestingly Tommy gets rather annoyed with himself, which shows a degree of emotional feeling at wanting to succeed with the experiment. He suggests in his next statement that he may not be solid enough. This may be because of the ability to use the ectoplasm in such a way that one would be able to perceive the spirit on a lower vibration, thus being able to see clearly with one’s physical eyes. Tommy then states that he has to get more out; this is suggested to be ectoplasm. You can then hear tommy gargling and being guttural as he exudes more ectoplasm for the materialization. Tommy then becomes annoyed once more as he cannot be seen as readily as he would like to and apologizes to all – showing another level of emotion and feeling. Jock can see the beginnings of the ectoplasm as he was seated directly in front but as no one else could verify, and so, this has to be omitted at this time. It must be noted this experiment was not a failure on Tommy’s part as some sitters could start to see the build up of something, yet it was not fully perceivable at that moment. Tommy states that he will try again later.

Music is once again played and a new spirit voice is heard from the cabinet. Again this voice is completely different in intonation and yet familiar. Sitters who have sat before recognize him as Sir Winston. It would seem the voice could possibly belong to Sir Winston Churchill. This was discussed after the séance and Jock contacted Warren who claimed he believed that’s who it was and that some years back the voice was analyzed and confirmed to a high degree of authenticity – Warren is attempting to find the documentation and has asked for the voice to be analyzed once more by a historical museum (We await the outcome).  Jock then contacted Christine who sent another recording to him where the spirit confirms that he worked in Government. This would certainly suggest this is indeed the voice of Sir Winston Churchill, however we await further confirmation to finally validate this.

In this instance it is important to consider the voice which you hear on the séance recording may have been analyzed by professionals and agreed that it is considered to be highly accurate and the same voice as Sir Winston Churchill.

Sir Winston asks for permission to walk amongst the sitters. On the séance recording, you can hear the distinct difference not only in the voice but the noise he makes when walking amongst the sitters. Sir Winston offers a cordial greeting and intimates that he would normally come and give some kind of philosophical talk. However, what Sir Winston wants to do is an experiment with matter through solid matter and asks, “Would you permit?” This is agreed. Sir Winston states that he will return to the cabinet to work on things and return once more.

Sir Winston states that he would like to speak to someone in the group and states that he believes the one he wishes to speak to is Jock. This again is quite remarkable as this was not known to the spirit team and is not the birth name of Jock. The statement “Jock, I believe you are called” intimates this is what Jock is known by and not necessarily the full correct name. Sir Winston then states the securing of the medium was one of the best and most elaborate he has seen thus far and congratulates Jock.  However, he makes an important announcement that should be understood by all who read this. We can only go so far at trying to prove the existence of life hereafter by the elaborate security protocols in place to quench the thirst of those who deny such relationships or reality. The message is therefore diluted in dogmatic rules and regulations and we should get back to the real message. He asserts that it is important to have humility, light, humbleness and love and development open to all who would seek the interaction of the spirit. Sir Winston then states that he is going to attempt to de-materialize all of the restraints and including the medium. He will then place the chair in the center of the room on the count of three. He asks if he achieves certain actions if it would satisfy the sitters such as the dematerialization of restraints upon the medium and then the re-organization of all restraints and ties at the end of the night – all present agreed. Tommy then quickly interjects and states that “he will be back in a minute, can you put some more music on.” Some movement with the tambourine and trumpet as well as the other items then occurs.

Sir Winston comes back and speaks over the music, commanding the controller to turn the music down and upon his command to turn the red light on. He asks Jon to slowly increase the intensity until all can see the chair. He then asks once more for a little more music. This is one other significant sign that music plays a vital role in providing energy for the séance. Sir Winston asks for power to be emitted from the light in slow increments until he says stop. Everyone can then see the chair quite plainly in view and no one is to be seen tied to the chair. It would seem the medium has completely vanished. Sir Winston then asks Jock to stand up and to walk slowly to the chair, he then asks Jock to take the mediums position in the chair himself. Sir Winston then asks Jock to confirm the medium is not in the chair. The spirit then asks Jock to confirm that the left cable tie is still on the chair and intact – not damaged in any way – it is confirmed by Jock. The spirit then asks Jock to confirm that the cable tie on the right hand side has completely vanished; again this is confirmed by Jock.  It is at this point that one might reasonably concur that Warren and most of the restraints bar the one on the left side of the chair have indeed been dematerialized. Sir Winston, then happy with the results of the experiment and Jocks testimony – thanks him and asks him to return to his seat within the séance room. Sir Winston then exclaims this is the dematerialization process and that now he will attempt to rematerialize the medium. Sir Winston says this in a very jovial manner as he explains that if the process fails “We are in for a very long night” to which all in the séance room begin to laugh heartily.

Sir Winston then asks for the light to be turned off and asks everyone to talk amongst themselves, thus suggesting he has a little work to do in the next process and the energy needed may be somewhat different to that which may have been used before. Christine asks a question of Sir Winston and he replies with the fact they have complete faith and trust in her – especially with Warren’s life. This of course is an amazing accolade to Christine and rightly so.  The music suddenly starts loudly and Sir Winston get’s a shock himself and remarks that he nearly had an etherical heart attack and Jon retorts in the same vein– everyone laughs at the amusing banter between spirit friend and Jon.  As things proceed, the same song starts to plays over and over again and Jon, who is in charge of the CD player proclaims that he has nothing to do with this. Perhaps the spirit team was using this particular vibration and they affected the music in some way. This was also very amusing.

A new voice soon begins speaking, which appears to be the spirit known as Luther. Again the intonations and tone and general depth are completely different. Luther is incredibly powerful force and his voice is rather frightening. Some individuals will allow their fears to come forward and add up the numbers, perhaps suggesting that the voice may not be friendly and the name may also give a false impression. Luther is frighteningly loud and a great orator but is also loving and compassionate and this can be felt from within the séance room. Luther then addresses Lee (one of the mediums sitting for development within the lodge) and confirms that he has the gift within him. He foretells that he will attempt to communicate through Lee with the same recognizable voice, in time. This is very exciting and also gives some much needed to support to the developing medium. This type of support is often much needed for a developing medium and to have it direct from spirit is so rewarding and empowering.  Luther thanks the group then takes his leave.

Yellow Feather then returns and explains that he attempted to do some different things with the experiments placed before him. What is interesting is that Yellow Feather explains that some of the experiments worked well and that we would see what has been done and come to our own conclusion. This suggests that a great deal of work went into the experimentation and that perhaps they were not able to conclusively do every experiment well. The spirit jovially suggests that Lucy (Warren’s partner) may want to find another boyfriend as he has been dematerialized. Everyone laughs at the prospect and our Indian friend suggests that his clothing has been found separately. Yellow Feather then explains they have medium on the floor and that he will go and check on him to see if he is ok. On the audio recording, you can clearly hear what are apparently slaps upon the skin of the medium as our spirit friend checks in an amusing manner. Yellow Feather then exclaims what he has done and what he will do with the medium. He asks Jock if that would be good for him to witness, Jock replies favourably. The spirit then explains about the process of materialization and how the process messes with the atomic structures such as proton, atom and neuron. He then states that the box is hanging from the light fitting with all ties and restraints that were used on the medium. He also states that some cutlery has been interfered with and can be found hanging from curtains. He asks the sitters not to be surprised when the lights are on and they find that all the objects have been manipulated, including the medium and his clothes. In a light-hearted way, the spirit then laughs and says that if you put temptation in the way, things will happen. Christine enquires how Yellow Feather got on with the box and he replies that little Tommy was the one responsible. He explains that Tommy was partially successful and that he “kind of got the idea.” Again this suggests another type of humanistic interaction and that the spirit has to work out what is expected. The spirit explains what tommy has done and that he will not take the blame for this one. The group laughs at the prospect. Music is played once more and knocks can be heard.

A little female voice is heard coming through and seems to be lost, she seems confused and does not know why she may be there.  Christine begins to interact with her and asks her name. She gives her name as Lisa. The young spirit seems very confused and asks where she is and why she is there. Christine tries to reassure the young girl and asks Tommy for to help her.  A brief interaction is witnessed and the resounding voice of Luther comes in and says “COME WITH ME.” This does seem quite frightening to some of the sitters and Tommy returns to ask if everyone is ok. The interactions of the spirits suggest that each one may not be able to see another – perhaps because of the vibration of each. A possible hypothesis would be that a young girl trapped between the spirit realms was able to see what was going on and attracted to the energy and light from the group came to seek help. Another hypothesis could exist that would suggest the young spirit girl is just being nosey and popped in to see what was going on. The confusion in the voice may sway you to one hypothesis or another. This is your choice.

Jock is then heard to discuss Luther’s interaction and how the resonation of the voice is like being slapped in the face. Jock amusingly states that it is not an invitation to Luther for this to be done. No sooner had the thought been vocalized, but footsteps were heard coming close to Jock. Jock assumed he knew what was about to occur and waits. Luther’s voice reverberates around the room as he says, “Are you sure?” Jock looks terrified and this is a point that amuses the spirit team. Luther then walks away and Yellow Feather interjects the proceedings – asking for the music to be turned up and laughing at everyone’s look on their faces – especially Jock. Yellow Feather enjoys Jock’s banter and states, “I like him, and he can come again.” Every one laughs. Yellow Feather then asks if everyone would like him to do a traditional dance, he then states that he will try and get a friend to dance and sing with him, as that has not been attempted before. He gives the name of the other spirit who has not worked much with ectoplasm and is learning the process. Music is played temporarily and yellow feather retreats to get his friend Grey Claw White Feather. Grey Claw will sing and Yellow Feather will dance. Yellow Feather states that ectoplasm is sticky and smelly stuff. Soon a voice is heard which is different in intonation. Traditional North American words and stamping is heard and at the end he asks if everyone enjoyed it as he “hurt his ruddy foot”… he hobbles away and states he will be back in a minute. No one knows whether or not the words that he spoke were indeed traditional language. This is perhaps something that should be investigated further. Also the use of the word Ruddy should be considered as a colloquial factor to be investigated.

Tommy returns and asks if everyone is having a good evening. Tommy then states that he has to end the proceedings and asks for the music to be played further. Again the music tracks are interfered with, which of course is amusing. Tommy then explains what has been done and that the chair is left in the middle of the floor and they have kind of rematerialized the medium. Tommy shows great concern for the medium and explains how the medium is, he asks for the group to show dignity to the medium and be very quiet, which of course is difficult when there is so much excitement in one small room. Tommy asks for the first song to be replayed and to gently call the medium back to the material plane. The music is played and soon coughs and spurts can be heard from the medium as he wakes from his trance. Warren is tied and bound by cable ties on the floor in a completely different way than when he started.  His wrists are bound together tightly with two entwined cable ties. These have to be cut off but are so tight that it is difficult to prise the small nail-scissor blade beneath the tie in order to do this.  His sweatshirt top and t-shirt are found in various areas of the room and one sitter (Bill) had his top land in his lap. Jon says the closing prayer and the séance comes to an end.

You will see the evidence from the images of what transpired in the séance room. Warrens voice is then heard, which is completely English and well spoken in his local vernacular and this is noted after the gag is removed

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