Physical Mediumship Standards Are Changing

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The ASSMPI will be raising funds to buy a thermal imaging camera system for formal testing of Physical Mediumship Certification. This move is only towards public demonstrating mediums who wish to be certified by the ASSMPI. The standards and protocols will change with effect immediately, and each medium who wishes to be tested will have to comply and give their full agreement of the testing protocols. These protocols will be published soon and is in response to recent incidents within the field of physical mediumship.

There will be two main protocols to consider.

1. Thermal Imaging Under Test Conditions

2. Limb Control Of Medium

There are of course other protocols that will be put in place, but these two will be our main focus in co-operation with our mediums and with no surreptitious recording of a medium without knowledge. A full report will be forthcoming.  


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    William Treurniet (not verified)
    September 24, 2016 03:07 PM
    Hi Jock, If you go ahead with these two verification methods, I suggest they be conditions in a scientific experiment. The null hypothesis under test would be the following. H0: Sitters’ observations of the processes leading up to anomalous phenomena do not interfere with creation of such phenomena. Observations include those extended in time and space enabled by media recordings. This hypothesis would be rejected if video recording interferes with creation of phenomena. If that occurs, mediums could be rejected erroneously by your test procedure when they should not be. The experiment is necessary to know if that could happen. Such an experiment is suggested/required by Kai Muegge’s article on the PM4U site (see where he summarizes the findings of a German researcher, Dr. Lucadou, as "the idea, that our consciousness could get involved in a way finally destroying the phenomenon itself." As Kai explains, “In his so called 'De-focus-relation' Dr. Walter v. Lucadou describes the uncountable cases of 'failing camera or video-devices' or the alternative 'retreated phenomena' - phenomena simply stop to occur, as soon as researchers with their devices have entered the scene. … He found out, that the direct grasp of the human perception, especially the visual sense itself or a device created for it, seemed to destroy the phenomenon. … He detected, that as soon as observers weren’t anymore trying to grasp a paranormal occurrence having a full and direct focus onto it, phenomenons 'elusivity' obviously decreased. He started thus to film through defocussed lenses (origin of the word 'defocus-relation') or through mirrors and saw a definite decline of the elusivity factor!” Kai suggested, “… certain phenomena of quantum level and in quantum theory seem to clearly backup the observed behaviour of elusive phenomena resp. the idea, that our consciousness could get involved in a way finally destroying the phenomenon itself.” He believes that there exists an underlying, system-based principle that cannot be overcome. Kai’s suggestion is reminiscent of experiments by physicists on the wave/particle nature of matter. Photons of light in the double-slit experiment behave like a wave under one of two conditions, even if the condition is instated after the photon has passed. This has also been observed for helium atoms rather than photons (see In a variation called the quantum eraser experiment (see, knowledge of which condition is in effect is erased after the fact, and the photon always behaves like a wave. So what matters is if the information is available in principle. These experimental results correspond to the findings of Dr. Lucadou (according to Kai Muegge), and suggest the possibility that recording what happens in a seance room with an infrared camera may interfere with physical mediumship phenomena. Information acquired by sitters may affect the state of particles involved in creating the phenomena. I suggest that the proposed test procedure be adapted to determine if the availability of information can destroy the phenomena. The Experiment In the experiment, each medium who comes to you for verification would be tested under the following two conditions performed in random order. The medium or any of the sitters must not be told which condition is in effect. Condition A: Limb Control Of Medium Condition B: Limb Control Of Medium + Thermal Imaging In Condition A, the medium is controlled only by sitters holding his arms and legs in the dark. In Condition B, the same limb control procedure is supplemented by recording with an infrared camera. The infrared recording must be observed after the two seances are over. If availability of information interferes, then the medium’s performance will decline significantly in Condition B relative to Condition A. William
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    Benito (not verified)
    January 23, 2017 12:23 AM
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  • Leo's picture
    Leo (not verified)
    September 26, 2016 07:14 AM
    Well Said! I was involved in an experiment using live aura video. It does mean having a hand strapped to a hand plate. Usually it is used in connection with healing but I suggested that it be used to measure mediumship, this was mental mediumship. What evolved in this silent experiment, the sitter did not want any kind of information be given out and so they did not record sound, but what was amazing was that you can see figures from spirit leaning in towards me to give the message. Not only can this equipment be used for measuring the energies but can be used as a confirmation, with other back up of course, that a medium is making a connection. Light to all, Leo.
  • Jodell Bumatay's picture
    Jodell Bumatay (not verified)
    October 07, 2016 03:27 PM
    Although testing is a good ideal, certification is not. Priesthood, Priestesshoods and Religious Authority become false means of identifying human spirit. Examples of abuse are riddled through out history. In laboratory tests, it was found that it metal took one negative skeptic to reverse psychokinetic effects of psychokinesis on Eagley wheel like experiments to move a needle in a group effort. In other laboratories as reported by Physicists, research presentations I attended with the subject of research who was himself a Physicist, a psychkinetic person was brought to a lab. In another room, another psychokinetic was performing psychokinesis. Upon request by the lab operators, the waiting psychokinetic was asked to remotely prevent t the other subject from being able and capable if performing an effect. The danger if certification is the same as always a competition. It is simply too easy for one group of people to assert oppression over anyone they choose to reject. This makes certification no more fool proof than Skeptic Psi Cops.
  • Nigel's picture
    Nigel (not verified)
    October 11, 2016 11:33 AM
    Please test again Warren Caylor, Kai Muegge and Chris Howarth with thermal imaging!!
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    Alison Hamilton (not verified)
    January 22, 2017 10:39 PM
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