Gary Manion and Fraud

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Today is a sad day for physical mediumship and as the president of the organization, I want to reiterate that we do not stand for fraudulence in any way, and this is why an organization like the ASSMPI is needed more than ever. We will never condone fraudulent mediumship in any form.​

Whilst fraudulent acts are clearly wrong and harmful to our movement. It does not help to condemn and actively destroy without looking at all the facts. There are always 3 sides to a story, the side of the accused, the perception of the individual accuser and the truth, and whilst we often do not like the truth, It remains a constant of life. 

The ASSMPI will not condemn or actively try to discredit or destroy someones life, but rather take a stance of learning from those missed opportunities and hope that our own members and developing mediums learn valuable lessons with the love, compassions and understandings that are the virtue of those in the spirit and should be ours too. If one of our own mediums, who has suffered at the hands of accusers and other mediums can find it in his heart to forgive and move forward, then we too can refuse to take part in an onslaught and instead learn from these missed opportunities. As an organization, we can help make the standards stronger, we have great mediums, great students and we always forgive with love, live with compassion and give rise to compassionate understanding. True, this is a terrible thing and it raises many questions. Let us be the light of spirit and pray that lessons are learned and perhaps this will make for a positive move forward in the work we do. Let us raise standards and continue with our three virtues and bring spirit back to us by chasing ego away. I am sorry this has happened and fraud is no friend to us in mediumship, but let us learn, forgive and move forward - we all need to stand together - never divided. There should be no suffering. Our mediums will move on and we will move on learning from the actions of ignorance and lack of understanding. This is an unfortunate circumstance of an event, which we have no connection with and we do not know every fact. However, the evidence does seem insurmountable and therefore we are saddened at what has occured. We hope that perhaps the person in question will return to the development circle. We feel sorry for those who may feel they have been duped and others who have believed. It is a warning to those who wish to develop or learn physical or mental mediumship. Seek out a professional organization. 

Blessings to you all.

Jock Brocas,



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    Dave Smith (not verified)
    May 31, 2018 07:39 AM
    You are now in breach of GDPR laws and are not authorised to use this personal information. The material is an unauthorised recording of a private gathering which was done outside consent (the host Gary) and the law. This material must come down immediately. Those publishing the material will be held accountable.

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