Back In The Saddle and Things Are Changing

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It's been a while since we have made any serious announcements and that has been in part due to moving and other reasons beyond our control. As we settle into a new quarter of 2017, we have some exciting developments to announce regarding our progress, plans and more developments soon to be announced. There are changes coming to our Magazine and Journal and we have a new editor who has joined our team as well as new researchers and mebers. Our testing has been rather slow, but we now have someone who will be moving through the waiting list and arranging the formal testing of new memvbers and developing members. We encourage our assmpi mediums to get more involved in TOSP. This is where you can send in your content to be published in the magazine, but more information on that soon.

Here are a few announcements coming soon!

New Members Forum






Physical Mediumship



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