ASSMPI Truth Campaign Moving Forward

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It has been a little while since the ASSMPI, which is a non-profit charity registered in USA, moved toward showing support for the truth campaign in physical mediumship and this information has been causing some confusion regarding what that means for the ASSMPI and where we stand. Essentially, this means that we are developing new protocols for physical mediumship testing in conjunction with our colleagues from other organizations in order that a universal standard may be accepted as a minimum requirement in which to move forward.


These protocols are currently under development and will be released in the near future, therefore no official testing or sanctioned research is taking place to date and no new protocols used. Some mediums have decided to move on and work independently and that is acceptable and others want to move forward with research in the future, which excites us. We are not targeting any particular medium and will not name and shame. Instead, we remain apolitical and dedicated to the research.    The ASSMPI is dedicated to transparency within physical research and this is why we are part of the campaign, support the campaign and will move forward with the campaign as it develops. 


We aim to move forward with many new protocols including thermal, infrared, sound and much more and this will be in the name of furthering research into mediumship and the afterlife. This is no easy feat and is also a very very expensive endeavor. It is important that we break new ground instead of regurgitating old ground and therefore, we believe that as organizations come together in unison, we will be able to find that common ground with which to break onto new exciting discoveries along with the support of the requisite spirit teams. False and weak perceptions or individualistic opinions do not help in anything that requires serious thought, consideration, and teamwork, nor does fueling the fire on the past or taking it upon oneself to become judge and jury. It is important to wait for the final results of the joint efforts in all protocols. Any official testing or research will be documented and reported on under new guidelines and protocols moving forward. This is important for the protection of the public, mediums and those who are researching.


We all have questions regarding the afterlife and research warrants serious thought and due diligence. Our aim is to move forward with the right discernment and drive to be able to perhaps shed light on aspects of the work and drive to further understand the mechanics of the afterlife. It is an exciting time and this will not happen overnight. Ego’s, perceptions and opinions must be put aside and balanced - well-forged bonds - built through love, forgiveness and compassion must be brought to bear in order to move forward progressively and break new ground with new safe methodologies and protocols. 

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