ASSMPI Seance With The FEG

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Seance at The Metaphysical Chapel South Florida

Jock Brocas

Medium and Researcher



There is a great preponderance in life to refute that which we have no understanding or comprehension, because it exceeds the realms of material possibility. This is also a strong indication for factors in the science within scientific exploration, for when we come to that juncture where no signposts exists due to the blinkered nature of the ego, we discontinue our advancement in knowledge, and this is due to perceptions and scientific beliefs we harbor within. Therefore, what the eyes cannot see and the knowledge cannot comprehend – we label as impossible, but in the realm of divinity the impossible becomes possible, the probable is reality and the material has little place within the realm of wisdom, understanding and knowledge.

This report is written to show this spiritual law in action, to discuss the power of the spirit in action. Witnessing the power of spirit to break through the veil of life beyond to commune and show phenomena that is beyond our comprehension.

As a [i]medium and researcher of spiritual phenomena, I maintain a perception of balance of spiritual understanding and science, which I believe has no separation. I believe that one can work in conjunction with the other and when one piece of the puzzle fails to fall into place within each realm, the other has the answer – though perhaps not in the way our material minds operate. It is for this reason that you as the reader should maintain an open mind with love, compassion and understanding. Don’t accept blindly, but question fairly, with compassion and love, after all we are all on the same journey, we just have different paths to the same destination.


Traveling to an appointment with spirit

On the 5th of July 2014, I made my way from Orlando to Fort Lauderdale in order to sit in a séance with medium Kai Muegge of the [ii]Felix Experimental Group. This was arranged and sponsored by the [iii]ASSMPI and was in no way a lab or scientific testing séance, however it was put upon me to test as far as was reasonably practicable, the claims and conditions for the séance under as much scientific protocols as possible and to report these findings in a balanced way that would satisfy researchers and spiritual seekers alike. Take from this report what you can and understand that my questioning throughout this report is based upon my own opinions and those opinions may be perceived in a different way from others. The end result is the same; to research the reality of physical Mediumship and the existence of [iv]consciousness after the death of the physical body.

Major Considerations

One consideration that has been discussed for many years is the [v]lack of evidence within the séance room and whilst some proponents of [vi]physical Mediumship claim the physical phenomena is tantamount to being evidential in nature, many refute this and claim the need is for [vii]survival evidence of some nature, which is a predominant factor within my own research. But we must understand that evidence itself comes in many forms and though Mediumship -based on mental or trance is normally associated with survival evidence, there is a body of evidence in physical form that we often ignore because of our preconceived notions and ideas of what[viii]Mediumship evidence should be. In order to test this, I created a test via a request that would be based on evidential physical evidence from a planned request to the spirt. What must be noted is the fact that only 2 other individuals knew of my request and that I was attending and at no time was either person in contact with the medium or his team. Further to note that no one knew details of the request until I was on the journey to the location.


Evidential Request


I had communicated with my own spirit team on the other side and set up a few small tests that were performed to my satisfaction. The main request was that I asked for an evidential aport based on a personal question I had made to the spirit, and this aport would be the affirmative answer I was looking for, whilst the production of an aport would be taken as evidential in nature. What my explicit intention was that if evidential without afterlife evidence, I would be the only one to receive this aport as a form of the spirit compliance to offer physical evidence. I then contacted one other board member of the ASSMPI, hereafter known as ASSMPI M1 and gave the full details of my request minus the personal information. The second witness known as ASSMPI M2 was also told the same and became part of a secondary test. Only myself and three other people knew of this evidential request.


Feg seance



There was around 27 people attending the séance and as people arrived they were told to wait outside in the courtyard until the medium was ready to address the individuals attending the séance.


The usual modus operandi for a [ix]séance is to have the séance leaders or at times – the medium, give a talk on what is to be expected. Kai gathered everyone in the same room where the séance was to be held, which though not ideal, was the only way this could be done, and proceeded to explain the events of the evening – to ensure that everyone was happy to proceed. It was at this time the sitters were given the chance to decide if they would go through with the séance as planned. Kai then gave everyone a chance to ask questions before the events and after this, everyone was asked to leave the room whilst Kai was taken to his preparation area.


This part of the séance preparation is important for the medium, and he prepares by meditating and getting himself into the right state of being in order to meld with the spirit energies that surround him. It is important to note the room was sealed and I was asked to check and clear the room, whilst Kevin of the metaphysical chapel was tasked to strip search the medium.


The room search


In order to ensure that scientific standards are maintained, it is a pre requisite to ensure the room and the medium is checked for any signs of fraudulent activity – not only within the room but on and around the mediums personage and within the mediums physical body. Kai drinks a colored tea to ensure steps are taken to refute any claims of regurgitation as seen in the early years. The sciences of Mediumship have been plagued with frauds and fakes since the early 1800s when spiritism really took hold. Cases such as those that were exposed to fraudulent activity as found in the following;


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by the very nature of the conditions, it is easy for one to remain skeptical unless all suitable and reasonable precautions are taken, thus ensuring the validity of any phenomenon which may occur. Precautions are taken before the seance, and during as well as an ability for the spirit team to go some way to proving scientific conditions during the séance. This you will see throughout the report.


Though I have already stated the room was not of a scientific condition for this type of séance, it must be understood that no clinical test had been arranged for this and therefore this was conducted as far as reasonable and practicable in conjunction with scientific protocols. There was no prior arrangement, yet conditions were taken to assure the validity from a scientific perspective.


The room was thoroughly checked along with the séance cabinet, electrical wiring, sockets, furniture, lighting, séance tools, and within and around the cabinet. A bucket was placed inside the cabinet in order to catch any bodily fluids should the medium become ill. This was also checked thoroughly and the fitments of the cabinet. There was a tape that was placed some feet from the cabinet which ensures the medium state within that boundary and this was also thoroughly checked. Any bags in the room were also checked along with furniture from top to bottom.


The guests were instructed to wait outside in the courtyard and that gave me a chance to chat and identify the types of individuals present. Everyone was friendly and maintained a professional demeanor and some were very enquiring, which was great because these individuals would not be prepared to accept everything and anything.



Guests Enter The Room


As each guest enters the room, they are subjected to a body search and scanned with security scanners and camera scanners that will identify any form of fraudulent activity, recording equipment or indeed any equipment or tools that would help the medium. A mail member of the church checks males and Females are also checked, them moved onto a final check via Julia who uses security equipment to scan the body. This was witnessed on everyone and it was good to note that Julia and other members were checking, Julia was the last person who carried out a final check.

Kai Enters The Room

Kai Muegge (Medium) enters the room followed by Kevin of the metaphysical chapel of south Florida and it must be noted that Kai was dressed in only slacks and a T-shirt with his hands held high in the air and a towel draped over his shoulders. Kai stopped in front of me to confirm with Kevin that a physical search had been done on him and I also examined the towel before leading him to his chair.


Positions of Seating’s and Controls



I am in no way an artist and you will have to understand that i have only given an idea of the type of set up, which includes a second row. You get the idea of how it works, what is important to see is that at all times, the medium is controlled and we will discuss this more in depth later.

The Trance Condition and The Control

Kai takes his place in the cabinet and Julia is then instructed to play music. This music helps induce the conditions for the trance and Kai is heard to begin his own rhythmic pattern of breathing known as [xiv]Holotropic to help him get into the trance state. It is not long before sounds are heard such as coughing and grunting and then another voice is heard to come from the cabinet. Now this is not a direct voice – independent of the medium, it is a voice that although different in the intonation of Kai’s has a distinct pattern to the voice. The voice belongs to his control who introduces himself as [xv]Hans Bender who is using Kai’s own faculties to communicate and bring about the conditions necessary.
Hans-Bender-200x300Hans then greets the sitters and explains a little of what will happen throughout the evening. Hans then begins to give a philosophical talk on the afterlife and the process of grief.

First Phenomena – Rapping’s and Spirit Lights

It is not long before the first phenomena is experienced, which is a number of[xvi]rapping’s coming from all areas of the room, which given its size would make it impossible for a number of simultaneous tapping’s upon the walls and ceiling to happen at all areas, this would mean that many sitters would have to be involved in someway and any fumbling or involvement would have been given away due to the sound and motion of those involved. the sounds made by the spirit team are quite apart and unusual from that of a sound that could have been generated by a sitter or anyone else.


These rapping’s are heard coming from the walls and the ceiling, which is some 10 feet or more high. The areas where these are heard would be impossible for any sitters to reach within the given timescale and to return to chairs. There were a number of spirit lights that were seen coming from areas in and around the vanity of the cabinet and outside.

Hans discusses various aspects of dimensions and how they can interact with us in our plane of life. He discusses many aspects of communication from the spirit realms and how they are able to access this life through the medium. He talks about physical implementation of ectoplasm and what is involved. He discusses the spirit personalities, which he calls potentials and offers an explanation of how they are able to join us within the séance room

Four Limbs Control

One aspect of this séance that is important to understand is how the medium is controlled, which should give even the most skeptical enquirer, food for thought. This is known as a ‘Four Limbs Control’ – allowing via knee and feet to have more contact points on each side of the medium – foot controls mediums foot, knee controls knee, left hand controls knee/thigh and right hand controls right hand/arm, and this control involves Kevin and Julia who both employ eight points of contact on Kai and each other at any given time. This is to ensure the validity of the phenomena and prove that Kai is in no way involved at the same time as phenomena is going on. This is very evident from the phenomena, which is experienced throughout the evening.

Phenomena Experienced

Hans wishes to show to the sitters how ectoplasmic matter may interact with the visible spectrum of lights: Materializations over the plaque. The plaque is then illuminated by a light source. This Plaque, which is situated several feet from the cabinet and out of the reach of sitters and under these controled conditions, it is witnessed that ectoplasmic form covered the light source, thus showing the sitters that materialized potentials can be seen in certain conditions. Whilst this phenomenon is taking place, Hans is talking and teaching the sitters about the conditions and what can be achieved; at the same time, Kai is held under a full four way limb control. Again, further phenomena are induced and sitters begin to feel spirit touches and caresses on the face, knees and other parts of the human physical persona. Sitters have been touched by spirit hands and simultaneously are heard to call out to everyone to give evidence of the phenomena in progress.

Singing – Tambourine

Hans talks of the need for singing and how the energy of the music helps to build and strengthen the energy field, which in turn enables the phenomena to begin. During this lesson in energy and spirit interaction the tambourine is heard to be struck several times at the opposite side of the room by another spirit. He then asks for quiet and no music to prove how the phenomena will begin to calm and be very feint because of the lack of the energy within the energy field and when the music begins and people sing again, the phenomena become stronger almost instantaneously.

Security Checks Made

Various phenomena continue as Hans teaches the reality and interaction of the spirit forms within our realm.. He then suddenly wishes to check on the security of the medium from a scientific perspective, which is very reassuring and intriguing to say the least. He asks Julia to confirm the control of the medium and then asks Kevin first to explain the levels of the control also on his side to assure the audience of the scientific protocols put in place are still in place and secondly to check Julia’s control during an active phase of the phenomena (!!! IMPORTANT). Therefore he stands up, let go mediums knee and hand only to get back in control of Kais leg with his standing left leg and mediums hand with his standing thigh (presses Kais hanging arm to his body) to lean over to Julia to check with his both now free hands if Julia is holding mediums leg with one hand on his knee and Kais arm with other hand. The medium and additionally Julia’s both hands are thus under full control by the organizer to show there is no way of getting anywhere or being able to interfere with anything in or around the cabinet.

Evidential Perception As A Form Of Séance Control

What I am about to discuss here is rather strange because of the conditions in the séance room, the control of the medium, the frequency of the phenomena, the power of the phenomena and the interaction of the spirit persons with the sitters. What is important to note is that Hans recognized that a spirit was touching a particular sitter at the opposite end of the room. During this time other phenomena was going and at the same time and Kai was under 4 limbs control, confirmed by Julia and Kevin – giving proof of control to all sitters present. The lady in question then confirmed that she was indeed being touched and that a spirit was playing with her hair. This point is of fundamental importance noting the heightened perception of Hans under secure conditions and the interaction of the spirit person at the opposite side of the room with the chosen sitter. No one could perceive this in darkness and thus shows spirit’s ability to see and perceive what the sitter (Human) cannot within this realm.

Hans begins to talk about particles and the energy associated with the phenomena and how this could possibly happen at the same time. He then converses with his spirit team who confirms that we need to sing once more for at least 10 seconds to build the force field. This tells us that there are more spirits involved than just Hans and explains how phenomena could be occurring in a parallel timeline.

Spirit Lights

Spirit lights are seen to be floating all around the room and sitters are continually touched. The audible notes of the tambourine being used by spirit personalities can clearly be heard by all the sitters. Hans again talks and checks the Mediums control.

Visitor Makes Herself Known

Hans begins to communicate with a visitor who is attempting to materialize and begins to communicate via drum. She bangs on the other instruments and Hans asks her to walk around the room. Hans tries to bring the woman forward to give evidence and Hans is communicating the information.

This part is confusing because one would expect the communicator to be able to communicate evidence but this is not the case (allegedly because the spirit team cannot read out all information quickly while bond to three-dimensional time space) and Hans decides to try and get her to materialize in full form. One question exists that if the communicator was there, was she in another vibration that precluded Hans from identifying her. This was difficult to communicate and the evidence that was given could not be taken. She was apparently here for someone in the audience. It leaves us thinking about the level of spirit interaction and if there is for example maybe also a clear division in-between plane of spirit life? One may not be able to interact with another on a higher vibration?

Hans speaks of love and consciousness and Grief

Love is wonderful but ‘the greatest gift is consciousness’. Whilst love is a beautiful and powerful tool, but Hans maintains that consciousness is larger and more immense than love. Consciousness is something that is needed for without it, no love can exist. He discusses the planes of consciousness and timelines that exist – giving credence to futility of grief and how grief can hold ones ‘afterlife-development’ back.

Another interesting point is this; he mentions that he had to find words in Kais vocabulary to be able to explain himself, thus confirming that he is using an aspect of KAI to effect the communication. (Consciousness and grief interrelated.)

Hans Warns to Keep Cabinet Closed

Hans asks to ensure the cabinet is kept closed and he wants to teach the sitters why the cabinet is so needed and how it is used. He maintains the cabinet acts as a power source to use the energy to develop the physical Mediumship phenomena.

This then begs the question; Why were other mediums in the past able to develop the phenomena in white light? Is this a limitation of the spirit team or the spirit teams development within his or her own dynamic?

Lights are seen within the cabinet, which gives a glimpse on how things are happening within the cabinet and outside of the cabinet.

Evidential Gift From The Spirit

Hans Bender then stops and states that he and the spirit team want to give a special thanks to Jock (Author and ASSMPI) for his work and support. Hans then also states that spirit would like to bring forth a gift to say thank you for the dedication to spirit work. Jock is then asked to come forward and sit cross-legged in front of Kai. Hans asked to increase the light so the hands and Kai could be seen. Jock is then asked to check Kai and his arms and around him and confirm that nothing was around him, his arms or his hands and that everything was clean. Moans and Groans are heard as Hans tries to produce the aport which did not happen first time.


Jock is then asked to check the hand once more and to confirm, then sit underneath the mediums hands and to cup his hands below and not to take his eyes off the medium especially his hand for a second time. A sparkle of light is seen under the upheld turned down palm of the mediums hand and instantaneously an object is dropped into Jock’s hands. This gift is then shown under red light to confirm. It was a very old crucifix that holds a particular energy signature for Jock.

apport-224x300This gift was to help Jock ‘make the connection he desired’ and asked for.

Jock returns to his chair.

Hans Prepares Experimentation

Light can sometimes disturb the spirits energy and the mediums trance and there are even more reasons why darkness is actually needed. Hans mentions that Darkness is like oxygen to them.

The red light is only used to visually experience phenomena without exposing the processes to the full spectrum of visible light. It depends on the strength and development of the spirit team and the medium to which degree and for how long processes can be transferred into short phases of red light. This is something every medium that likes to develop things within Physical Mediumship aspires to reach along with its respected spirit team. Hans explains that we ‘are always developing and so are the spirit teams’. He mentions that specific ‘psychic structures’ within mediums are needed for that development and that mediums cannot seek to develop everything because of that.

Meanwhile everyone who has the desire to develop some form of Mediumship can.

Hans then decides to do an experiment with a handkerchief. This handkerchief is a small piece of cloth, which has pieces of illuminated tape upon it. The idea is that energy structures or spirit potentials will be able to take the cloth from a chosen sitter and tug it away and pass it to the other side of the room or other chosen sitter.

Hans asks who is sitting in a particular position and the response is “Nicole.” Hans then explains to Nicole what to do and that forces will be built from all directions to come and take the handkerchief. He confirms the medium to be taken into control again after Julia had used white light to illuminate the hanky and the medium was behind closed curtains.

He explains what Nicole should do and whilst he is explaining the spirit potentials are already pulling. Several people see the spirit form and witnesses claim that they can see a form pulling, which is confirmed by the chosen sitter that a spirit is indeed pulling the handkerchief at that particular juncture.

Hans notices that Nicole is too close and it’s not evidential enough, he then asks for the Hanky to be placed to the person on the left of Nicole to ensure safe distance fromt he medium, which is a female who identifies herself as Rhonda. The phenomena begins in ernest once more and again hands are seen to tug at the hanky and confirmed by Rhnoda, further confirmation of Medium control is also given.

The experiment is successful and the glowing Handkerchief is successfully transported. One sitter claims a spirit friend actually holds her hand and others can see hands in the glowing hanky.

Hans then claims a spirit called Daniel Douglas Hume who was a pioneer of physical Mediumship and especially formed ectoplasmic hands in séances is there and is watching from the side. Again, Hans makes sure that medium was under control and that no muscular action happened on behalf of the medium.

Visitor Returns – Ectoplasm In Mass Quantities

Hans then explains that he would like to try and show ectoplasm and try to bring spirit forms through the ectoplasm. He asks for the medium to be freed and placed back in cabinet. He explains that the previous visitor will be coming again and will show herself in the ectoplasm. Hans claims the visitor is for a Man in the room and wishes the person to recognize and not be shy about it.

It is interesting that sometimes the spirit team know exactly who is coming through and what the details or evidence should be. However, at times the spirit controls do not know the loved ones coming through, which suggests the communications on different levels of vibration. A warning of lighting the ectoplasm is given and music and singing resumes.

Gargling and spluttering can be heard coming from the medium. The ectoplasm is seen extruding from the medium and a face has been built in the ectoplasm in red light.

Hans is using Kai as the vehicle to speak and you can hear that Hans is struggling with the mouth being filled with the ectoplasmic extrusion. He claims the sitter is in the second row and the man should recognize the face in the ectoplasm. Sitters come forward, but no one seems to recognize the face and Hans has to return to the cabinet as the ectoplasm has been exposed too long. Hans then gives the evidence so that someone can claim the female face within the extruded mass. Hans exclaims that he has not been given a name and that he hoped that name would have been given to help with the recognition. Hans then exclaims the visitor may try and return during the red-light phase.

One would consider that should a spirit be on the other side of life they would be all knowing and this is clearly not the case as can be deduced from the lack of evidence given. Though perhaps the evidence was indeed very strong and the individual concerned harbored some kind of fear that precluded coming forward and accepting any evidence. However, it is clear throughout history that in all cases of sittings in séance conditions, our loved ones and spirit people who are on the other side of life are not all knowing and interact in a similar fashion to one on this side of life. (Being naturally inquisitive by nature). This means that spirit on the other side is not all knowing and therefore interact in a manor that is clear to be Inquisitive, like asking a question someone would expect them to know the answer to. People here on this side of life have instilled this predisposed notion of spirit knowing all when they are in the other realms, and become disillusioned when this is not the case. It is clear that our understanding of spirit interaction is limited and perhaps this may be another reason that we concentrate on physical experiments based on interaction and perhaps not so focused on afterlife evidence. However, no matter what the perception, afterlife evidence will always play a fundamental role in going some way to proving the existence of life on the other side.

Bio Chemo Electro Signals Of Muscular Action – Levitation and Energy

Hans then speaks to Mr Jock who asks about physical Mediumship and experience with trumpet phenomena on the other side of the pond, further enquiring asks about other mediums sat with and experiences with the trumpet.

Hans then proclaims his technique on trumpet phenomena would be different from that experienced in previous séances. He demonstrates his sense of humor about trumpet phenomena and has a dig at Kai’s weight, thus showing his sense of humor – demonstrating that emotion is also a fundamental energy on the other side. Hans then mentions that he may be able to show the inner structure of ectoplasm later in the evening.

Hans throws the trumpet into the area and asks for singing once more. Singing is stopped and Hans notices someone has been touching the trumpet. Hans asks for a countdown of 10 – 0 and all to hold hands and squeeze hands tightly during the countdown. The trumpet begins to levitate and Hans asks for confirmation of the control of the medium – ensuring there is no fraudulent activity with the trumpet.

The squeezing of the hand seems to help the energy build and levitation of the trumpet occur at incredible rates of speed all over the room and to the ceiling. The trumpet is then touched on the heads of sitters. All are laughing at the spectacle witnessed.

What is interesting is the necessity to squeeze hands tightly as if this muscular action creates a form of energy that is appropriate for the phenomena. Perhaps the electrical impulses used in muscular action are harbored by the spirit team and transmuted to some other form of energy used by the spirit team.

Hans discusses with Jock the different flight patterns to what is expected and experienced in European Physical Mediumship. Hans asks for the medium to be controlled and singing to continue. Hans remarks the medium has been seated and held all the time and then asks to free the medium for a short time for experimental reasons. Sometimes it seems as if when the medium sits free from control the mediumistic energy is more controlled and does ‘not anymore efflux into the sitters circle’ with whom the medium is interconnected when being held by the two controllers who are in contact with the sitters besides them, whose free hand lays on the controllers shoulder or thigh.

But too soon the music restarts to play up and Hans demands re-establishing of the holding-control of the medium.

Another sitter then confirms the ‘touch from a female spirit person’. Hans discusses more with his team. He confirms the red light phase to begin.

Hans asks for special energy and singing to show a special phenomena! Singing continues for quite a while.

Hans mentions the ‘Chemists’ (the spirit team) are working around the medium and that discharging of energy can be heard whilst the drop in temperature is noticed by several sitters.

Hans claims he is getting disoriented and can’t see something, but confirms they are trying to do something amazing and asks Julia to show red light. He claims they will show the ectoplasm extrude from the medium.

Light Quantum Beam

Hans claims the evidence on the visitor again and speaks to Jock once more about the aport gift. He talks about the formation of the aport and where they originate and talks of the transportation of the signature of the information of such objects ‘on a light quantum beam’.ball-of-light-300x292

Light that can carry information, which comes ‘from every thinkable point within time and space’.

Hans shows Kai Felix’ (which is a name used by Hans for Kai) body in sufficient light with nothing around him and asks everyone to look to his chest area nothing is around Kai whatsoever and Hans confirms that he will show the end of such a light quantum beam.

Grunts and moans are heard and Hans’s talks of muscular action being too tense could endanger the medium to wake. He claims this ‘informational light’ will arrive directly in front of him, and then an amazing ball of light is seen by everyone, like a flash of glowing ball of light – in front of the medium and for a split second.

This was seemingly exhausting and has rocked the mediums body quite a lot and Hans puts Kai back deeper into trance.

This was something that I have not experienced before and I believe was not experienced by any others.

There was a sound like an explosion of energy and the flash of a ball of light. It was not the same as a photographers flash because of the way it behaved and from where the light beam emanated from.

Ectoplasmic Extrusion

Hans talks about secret locations in the human body connected with other realms of existence. He claims one of the areas being above the inside of the mouth at its roof, and this is where aports often come from. Hans then confirms that ectoplasm will be coming from Kai from exactly that location and that a sign is being given that is recognized when to open the curtain.

Grunts and moans can be heard and again Hans withholding and entrancing Kai.

A vomiting sound is heard as the ectoplasm is extruded and the signal to open the curtain is given. Ectoplasm can be seen extruding from the mouth of the medium and gathering from the mouth on the floor of the séance room. The quantity is too vast and anyone who could possibly consider it being regurgitated would be on the wrong path. The amount that was extruded would not be able to be held within the stomach area of the human anatomy without showing signs in some other way that would give away the fraudulent act.

Hans regularly puts Kai back into or in an even deeper trance and he announces at that point in time that he will form hands and other structures from the extruded material. Hans talks about the afterlife scientists and what they are able to do. He confirms that he will build his own hand in the ectoplasm with his signature ring clearly viewable to all sitters. This can be confirmed then.

The first attempt does not work, but the second attempt shows the hand and the signet ring very clearly with the natural movement of the hand and the development of the ectoplasm seems natural and in time with the breath. The hand forms slowly and the ring is seen. Julia confirms that the mediums hands can be seen to prove that it is not the mediums hand erecting from the mass on the floor, and again Hans shows his comic side and waves with the produced hand to everyone from a distance. Then the strange form is gone.

Ectoplasmic Extrusion Shared

Hans asks for the curtain to be opened and shows the pile of ectoplasm laying on the floor. He asks for Julia to throw more red light upon it and then to guard the main mass, when Hans stands up and walks with a separated quantity of matter into the room.

Jock is asked to lean back, and the ectoplasm is placed upon his head, neck and shoulders – down to the hand..

Jock’s Description: Here is where I would like to explain something to help others understand what the ectoplasm feels like, smells like and about its consistency. Obviously it was an honor to be allowed to have this substance placed upon me while I was conscious.

One thing that is often cited by skeptics is the claim of regurgitation, such as documented in eastern writings done by mystics and as theories in parapsychological investigations.

It remains a controversial subject and those who are ignorant will claim the ectoplasm is nothing more than regurgitated cloth from the stomach of the medium.

I wholeheartedly refute this claim and the reasons I am giving should be enough to go some distance to helping the skeptical enquirer accept the phenomena.

As I understand it, ectoplasm has not been allowed to be touched or worked upon by sitters in séance conditions and this has been a thorn in the side of parapsychological study for a long time.

Firstly, anything that would have been regurgitated from the body would of course be at a normal body temperature of 72 degrees centigrade. The ectoplasm that was draped over myself was Ice-cold to the touch. Secondly, Kai drank colored tea and as I experienced – the ectoplasm was bright white, which would have been discolored by the tea and other bodily emanations. Its smell was musky and at the same time was wet and dry, which in itself was very strange to feel. Fluid of a nature which I can’t describe dripped into my mouth and then disappeared immediately.

For these reasons, I have to concur this was not a cloth structure, it was not from any orifice of the body – no body-smells at all – and referring to the security protocols in place and the precautions taken, – there was no way any substance could have come from any where else other than from a supernatural source.

Hans then tries to separate the Ectoplasm widely for all to see the inner structure. He underlines the ectoplasm to be wet and dry at the same time. The smell is musky and earthy and Hans explains that with the malleability of the ectoplasm it would not act like normal fabric.

Then it was exposed too long and needs the curtains closed.

He then asks for Kevin to check the cabinet for any fiber’s or strings or anything before he shows the building of the ectoplasm and then how the ectoplasm disintegrates, which is a first – to be clear the movement of the substance was not on behalf of fraudulent strings. Kevin checks all the area above the operating pile on the floor and confirms there were no strings detectable being responsible for the seemingly independent movements of the structure.

In most cases, the disintegration of Ectoplasmic forms are not displayed.

And even though this disintegration was only observed by those closest to the cabinet – it was seen to disintegrate.

Survival Evidence

Hans talks of survival evidence and what the perception or desire is, he talks of the vastness of the afterlife and the various dimensions in spirit. He talks about existence on dimensional plains and talks of negative forces that effect us. Hans talks on life and how we should live. He gives the thanks and blessings to everyone and asks for a closing prayer.


Even when I sit in any séances and within my own circle, I am very skeptical and scientific in nature. During phenomena witnessed, I am always questioning and working out ways that phenomena could have been achieved in a fraudulent or other way. Nevertheless, whether you believe in an afterlife or not, or whether you think survival evidence is EXCLUSIVELY the be all and end all of proof, then it is not for you to get involved in physical Mediumship.

What is experienced amongst friends, brothers and sisters, is a gathering of like-minded souls on a quest for answers, and yet what is given is so much more. The phenomena brings comfort where sadness may have resided, is empowering when at one time the individual felt powerless and shows the individual experiencing the phenomena that we are more than the material sum total perception we see.

A phenomenon happens that defies what is perceived as normal and science is inept at explaining how these events are created and achieved. We are forever on the journey to prove or disprove, but all who come, arrive with free will.

We sit in harmony and allow spirit to join us from beyond the veil and evidence I realize comes in many forms.

Scientifically, time lines cannot be played with to run in conjunction with phenomena, aports that materialize in front of sitters and are witnessed beyond the realm of the material, but it is real. The world, which we understand as the spirit world and the action of loving spirits upon our world is as real as the air you breathe and yet cannot see, but without it you cease to be. The physical séance room is an experience, entertaining and expanding – there is much to learn, there are fears to release and there is love to give.

It is a time where harmony exists – with all who attend no matter creed, belief, color or sex. Where we can touch the veil of the life we all come from and bask in the knowledge that you can’t die, you won’t die and you are a spirit who is only visiting this realm. The account you have read is real, the phenomena is real but most of all, the love from spirit is more real than you can imagine and unconditional.


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