The ASSMPI is a non profit organization that exists to help maintain standards and Investigate all forms of mediumship.
We pride ourselves in maintaining professionalism in the field and helping to bring science and spirituality together.

Our Assmpi Library

in memory of Kristjan Einarsson

Within the ASSMPI, is a library of studies, books and texts all related to mediumship, spirituality and paranormal science. This Library is open to members only and all we ask is that you do not abuse this or distribute the studies. Spiritual and Energy Healing is very Important and it is with this in mind that we have a branch of the ASSMPI that conducts professional Experimentation and Teaching on spiritual healing and energy work.

Our library is dedicated with love in the memory of our dear friend, Kristjan Einarsson, whose work with the spirit archive was an inspiration to so many.

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